The Hermann Monument Society

Is dedicated to the conservation, interpretation, promotion,
and development of the Hermann Monument 
in New Ulm, Minnesota, an official symbol
recognizing the great achievements of Germanic-Americans




Hermann Monument Society Membership
Mission Statement/Zweck

 The purpose of the Hermann Monument Society (Hermann's Denkmal Verein) is to conserve, interpret, promote, and develop the Hermann Monument and Hermann Heights Park in the City of New Ulm, Minnesota, USA. 


  In 1973, the Hermann Monument was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

   The 106th Congress of the United States designated the Hermann Monument to be an official symbol for the contributions of Americans of German heritage in 2000. We promote German culture and history nationally and internationally.

   The Hermann Monument is owned and operated by the city of New Ulm, under the direction of the Park and Recreation Department. 

   The Hermann Monument Society  is a non-profit, independent 501 (c)3, tax-exempt organization and managed by a board of eight directors. 

You're Welcome to Join Us! 
   Memberships and donations to the Hermann Monument Society are dedicated to the conservation, interpretation, promotion, and development of the Hermann Monument and Hermann Heights Park. Your donation is tax deductible.

Hermann Monument Society Membership Application

            Mitgliedschaft Anwendung

Please print this application form. Circle your membership selection and the amount of your donation. Complete the contact information. Enclose a check or money order and mail to:

Hermann Monument Society
P.O. Box 643
New Ulm, Minnesota USA 56073-0643.


Category:                               Dollars US                  € Euro

 Individual                                 $20                           € 14
 Household                                $30                           € 21 
 Non-Profit Organization          $35                           € 24 
Business                                   $50                           € 35
Century Club                            $100+                       € 70+
Benefactor                                $500+                       €350+           





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An Opportunity to Help Hermann!
     Lend your voice, enthusiasm, ideas, and volunteer for this worthy cause. Help us preserve this beautiful monument! Annual memberships i
n the Hermann Monument Society have quickly grown to nearly 300, have spread throughout the United States and crossed the Atlantic to Germany. Learn what we have already accomplished from our Monument History page. Then, let us share Future Goals that can be achieved with your help. 

Contact Us!

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Thank you for your interest in the Hermann Monument! Please E-mail any questions or comments with contact information on this form.

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